All recipes are gluten-free and vegan, unless otherwise specified. 

P.S.: I don't consider buckwheat to be a grain. 


Cakelettes, muffins, cupcakes, donuts, brownies

Banana-buckwheat muffins with peanut butter frosting
Brownie (single-serving)
Chestnut flour donuts with pear almond glaze (grain-free)
Crème de marrons blondies
Hummingbird cakelettes (grain-free)
Pumpkin donuts (grain-free, raw)
Rum coconut banana bread donuts (grain-free)
Tirami giù cupcakes (vegetarian, gluten full)

Cookies, biscuits, bites

Apricot and black pepper almond butter cookies (grain-free)
Chestnut biscuits
Chocolate chip cookies (grain-free)
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chunk olive oil cookies with Celtic sea salt
Chocolate covered marzipan (raw, grain-free)
Chocolate and spice truffles (raw, grain-free)
Chocolate + coconut rice cakes
Gingerbread cookies
Green cookie (raw, grain-free, nut-free)
Lemon lavender cookies
Milky way bars (raw, grain-free)
Palets de dame
Puffed quinoa peanut butter cups (grain-free)
Roses des sables
Single-lady green cookie (raw, grain-free)
Spirulina and hemp truffles (raw, grain-free)
Spirulina avocado Easter Eggs (raw, grain-free)
Spirulina - vanilla bars (raw)
White chocolate raspberry cups (raw, grain-free)

Entremets, ice creams, fruit

Almond panna cotta with strawberry-basil coulis
Apricot mousse with cardamome whipped cream (raw, grain-free)
Apfelstrudel salad (raw, grain-free)
Balsamic basil strawberry compote (raw, grain-free)
Bitter almond cherry compote (raw, grain-free)
Black tahini rice pudding
Cherry clafoutis (grain-free)
Frozen Bounty bites
Hibiscus rhubarb compote (raw)
Parsnip, apple and kiwi entremets (raw, grain-free)
Red currant jam (raw)
Rum raisin ice cream sandwiches
Spirulina chocolate (raw)
Vanilla kiwifruit compote (raw)

Cakes, tarts

Apple pie, Dutch style
Apple tartelettes
Banana bread
Banoffee pie (raw)
Blackberry and rosemary crumble
Blood orange and poppy seed almond cake
Blueberry bundt cake
Cardamom fig cake
Chestnut bûche
Chocolate cake with avocado chocolate ganache
Chocolate hazelnut tartlets
Chocolate and pear tartelette
Deep-dish apple pie (gluten full)
Geen almond and apricot tartelette (raw)
Hazelnut parsnip cake (grain-free)
Passion fruit macadamia cheesecake (raw)
Pumpkin cake (grain-free)
Summer pie (grain-free)


Breakfast, bread, crakers

Almond milk yogurts
Buckwheat coconut flour bread (grain-free)
Buckwheat crispbread (grain-free)
Chickpea crackers
Coconut avocado cream (raw)
Cracked pepper oatcakes
Divine chocolate hazelnut spread (raw, grain-free)
Dukkah bread (grain-free)
Fig bars
Ful medames
Grain-free porridge (raw)
Hemp crackers
Herbes de Provence and pumpkin seed oatcakes
Persimmon amaranth pudding with hazelnut praline
Olive walnut scones (grain-free)
Quinoa müesli
Socca waffles
Walnut olive scones (grain-free)


Beetroot and fennel juice (raw)
Beetroot smoothie (raw)
Chestnut milk
Chocolate shake (raw)
Green monster (raw)
Immunity smoothie (raw)
Mayan hot chocolate
Oriental smoothie (raw)
Pear spirulina smoothie (raw)
The Green Pint (raw)



Beetroot soup on the rocks
Jerusalem artichoke and coconut soup
Miso soup (grain-free)
Nettle soup

Spreads, dips, vinaigrettes, sauces

Ail confit
Beetroot dip
Broccoli pesto
Ful medames
Grapefruit and yogurt light vinaigrette
Hazelnut and raspberry vinaigrette
Pâté (grain-free)
Roasted walnut and spinach pesto
Sun-dried tomato and basil hummus

Vegetables, side dish

Kale salad with artichoke heart sauce + parsnip fries
Jerusalem artichoke carpaccio (raw)
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Cauliflower and almond tabbouleh (grain-free)

Main dish

Beetroot gnocchi
Beetroot risotto
Brussels salad
Courgette and peanut spring rolls
Falafel burgers
Hemp pea protein balls (grain-free)
Lentil buckwheat chestnut squash crumble
Pumpkin gnocchi with fried sage (grain-free)
Puy lentil and beetroot salad
Ratatouille crumble
Sweet potato croquettes (grain-free)

                                THE FRENCH SERIES

Cherry clafoutis (grain-free)
Palets de dame
Pâté (grain-free)
Ratatouille crumble
Roses des sables


Each moment multiplies
A little blue around the eye
The Golden Hour
Waves in the cold air
Oh Tommy
Half in slumber
L'absence à l'embrasure
Tes lèvres avaient le goût de miel
Si può morir d'amor
There was a flavour to your words
You kissed my hair
L'air dont nous nous souvenons
There is black fog
Monster and man
The Waltz of Vi
I've lost something
Unfinished letter
In the silence of the world
It doesn't get better
No Ice Cream
Crack my heart
The Shadow



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