Deep turquoise

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I have a slight obsession with colours. And their names. I cannot insist on how much I love green. Especially dark green. Bottle green. Forest green. Veronese green. Emerald green. And the most perfect of all greens: fir tree green. I can differentiate them all. Long hours of practise. In the never-ending Querelle du coloris (I'm pretty sure it's still on in contemporary painting), an aesthetic debate in which some artists proclaimed the primacy of drawing upon colour and vice versa (a French thing really), I am a passionate colourist. Maybe that's because I cannot draw and try to keep things to my advantage.  
When I saw this deep turquoise barrel outside - a pop of colour in the foggy scenery, it made my hey-why-is-it-still-winter day. 
Now about the rice cakes: I usually buy chocolate-covered rice cakes, either plain or with coconut. They're so ridiculously easy to make though that I'm a bit ashamed I haven't thought about it before. You could try with ground walnuts in lieu of shredded coconut, or ground pistachio, or chili powder if you're into chili chocolate (I am).

Chocolate + coconut rice cakes
(vegan, gluten-free)
(yield: 12)

100 g dark chocolate
25 g finely shredded unsweetened coconut
12 rice cakes

In a double boiler, melt the chocolate, stirring well. Let it cool for a few minutes. Coat each rice cake with chocolate, using a palette knife to cover them evenly (alternatively, you can dip each rice cake in the melted chocolate). Dip them in shredded coconut. Let them cool completely on a wire rack.

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