The Waltz of Vi

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La Courbe de l'Esplanade - Léon Spilliaert (source)

The Waltz of Vi

the rhythm
that transports me
of you heart that dies so hard
of my heart that dances so fast
around your skeleton body
my hands ache, where is your touch?
and the goosebumps on your pale, pale
smoke-scented skin?
my heart dances so mournfully
at the rhythm
(that stopped last year)
of your sorrows
and you dance in my head
the last waltz
that ever will be
dance free!
where are your eyes?
enveloping me and
loving me, devouring me
i suffer from you
my cheeks are rosy thinking of
you and me entwined in unconditional eternity
i dance lonely
at dusk, at dawn. i scream
and dance and spin until i
my heart bleeds permanently
i crave a dance, your golden hands
caressing me
i'd like to dance in the sky of your heart
it was so soft, remember?
and so simple, oh obvious
we were linked to worlds of
infinite understanding
you and me
i could hear the rustling of your doubts
i was in osmosis with the arborescence of your thoughts
we had reached the top and danced.
we'd been transformed.
today i'm kneeling, plangent
i have disposed of my psyche
yours forever now
for you to reach my hand and ask me for a waltz
your tomb is cold
with my sick heart of tenderness,
i've kissed it twice
and lay my naked soul
curled up
ready to melt away to meet
you there
on the shining edge overlooking the darkness that bruises
my frail body
melancholy ate your heart, consumed
your soul and blow the ashes away but
dance with me
the Waltz of vi,
vi vi Victory
there is no victory
i wish that you could see
that everything was ectasy
in my heart you dance always
the Waltz of Vi

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