Green, how do I love thee!

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Château de Versailles

 "Les ténèbres vertes dans les soirs humides de la belle saison."

Journeaux Intimes (1887), Fusée 1, Charles Baudelaire

A little Johnny Cash can't hurt :

I've wanted to write a long looong post on green in the arts but "life is but a day, a fragile dew-drop on its perilous way from a tree's summit" so I had to "stop and consider"  this week and had never the will nor the heart to write it. (Sleep and Poetry, Keats) It will be for the next post. Green is exciting! Instead, I've written half the post before it's too late to celebrate Paddy's day and Ireland. 

Ben Bulben, County Sligo, Ireland by Jason Hawke on Flickr

Recipe round-up for Saint Patrick's Day! Some of my own and some of my favourite blogger's.

Spirulina and hemp truffles (my personal favourite)

If you can't drink ale (like), the other option is this Green Pint.

Like hemp as much as I do? Here's an energy hemp seed bar for you by Green Kitchen Stories. Tired of avocado toast (is that even possible?), why not try cold avocado soup also from David and Luise.

How cute are those shamrock sprinnkles on these Chicory coffee chocolate cupcake by Adventures in Cooking.

Sheena's an expert on juices and this one is so kale-y, she says. Perfect I love kale!

I've never tried kale chips (because they are very expensive in France), thinking of making my own. I've never failed any recipe by Coco from Roost. So Tuscan kale chips ahead!

A cake made from a smoothie? Chris made it! Run check out her tropical mango matcha smoothie cake!

The talented Ashlae has got an amazing recipe on her blog : Chocolate stout cupcakes with Irish whisky ganache + Irish cream frosting. It's not even green but if I could drink whisky I would have made it a year ago!

Spirulina pesto! No words for it... It's on Saveurs Végétales (in French)

Angela from Oh She Glows came up with Shamrock crackers and a festive green dip.

I almost forgot : Shamrock ice cubes! Already in my freezer!

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    1. Non mais il me reste du film donc cet été oui!
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