Immunity smoothie

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"Please don't expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand"

Sylvia Plath

The past few years, I've made progress at living a greener life . My only sin is an unhealthy obsession with nail polishes (guilty as charged! what can I say? I love colours...). I only use homemade cleaning products, most of my cosmetics are homemade as well and when they're not, I make a point to buy organic/environment-friendly/vegan every time I can. It's funny how it had to be a conscious and well-thought process, in comparison, I've never relied on drugs at all (except psychiatric drugs right now, and I don't like it) : the natural way always come first. I almost never take pain killers, I'm a long time advocate of phytotherapy and oligotherapy (I always use 'homeopathy' as a generic term  for natural medecine but I don't use homeopathy much, except Sambucus and Arnica granules which work great in my opinion), I've had a positive experience with acupuncture and I'm even giving a go at no-poo (god, that's hard). 
So, today I'm sharing with you a smoothie to boost your immunity. 

The curcumin in turmeric is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties! It makes it a spice of choice during winter. Black pepper is here to boost curcumin absorption, please don't leave it out ( you won't even taste it). I've used turmeric powder because I can never (ever!) find turmeric root, if you have fresh turmeric, use it instead.
Ginger helps fight infections as well and water kefir is a probiotic that supports your digestive health that help maintain a strong immune system. Kefir is an added bonus, don't worry if you don't have some (but do use fermented yogurt). Point is, if you're feeling off colour, that's the perfect smoothie. I'll post a recipe for ginger-turmeric tea next week. If you've caught a cold, I think you should try those three things as well :

Granions de cuivre/Copper : when you start to feel the symptoms of a cold (tastes like copper, obviously, most people hate it, I love the taste,  I could drink this every day)

Sambucus for cough and sore throat.

Steam inhalations (nothing beats that...) with eucalyptus, thyme, camphor, pine oils.

Turmeric mango immunity smoothie
(vegan, grain-free, raw)

150 g almond milk yogurt (or any fermented raw yogurt)
1/2 medium mango
1 banana, frozen
7 g turmeric powder (or a piece of fresh turmeric)
a small piece of ginger
a good pinch of ground pepper
water kefir (optional)

Blend everything until smooth, Thin out as desired with water kefir (or water, or almond milk). Serve with extra turmeric powder on top.

Smoothie "Immunité"
(végétalien, sans céréales, cru)

150 g yaourt au lait d'amande (ou tout type de yaourt fermenté cru)
1/2 mangue de taille moyenne
1 banane, congelée
7 g curcuma en poudre (ou un gros morceau de curcuma frais)
un petit morceau de gingembre frais
une belle pincée de poivre noir, fraîchement moulu
kéfir de fruit (facultatif)

Mettre tous les ingrédients sauf le kéfir dans un blender et mixer jusqu'à ce que le mélange soit homogène. Allonger avec du kéfir (ou de l'eau ou de l'eau de coco). Verser dans un grand verre, saupoudrer de curcuma et sevir.

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh, j'adore les couleurs de tes photos ! La première ressemble à un tableau (je te jure, je suis passée à la Tate modern la semaine dernière : elle n'y dépareillerait pas - si tes vernis sont aussi colorés, alors tu dois avoir des ongles très jolis).
    Et bravo pour le no-poo ! Tu vas voir, ça vaut le coup ! :-)
    Joyeux Noël Aurélie !

    1. Ohhh *rougit* merci Ophélie et de très bonnes fêtes à toi aussi!
      Pour le no-poo, je n'en suis qu'à l'espacement des shampoings et c'est déjà dur (mais je sens que mes cheveux s'habituent, et quel volume! whaoh)

  2. now this is an immunity smoothie i can get behind! usually they are made up of mostly citrus, which is not my thing. but banana and mango, yes please.

    i can totally relate to your quest for a natural and environmentally friendly life. i love nail polish, too ;) sometimes, though, i've decided that it's ok to splurge on things that enrich our lives. like painting our nails.

    also, loving your sylvia plath quotes lately ;)

    1. Ha yes I remember you don't like citrus. I don't like lemon in my smoothies, I'd rather have a glass of lemon water by the side.
      Exactly, I think that as long as you do your part, you should be able to splurge a little. (a little)

  3. Beautiful recipe, Aurélie! We use to make something similar, my daugher asks every day her 'yellow shake' :).
    Have a nice week and 'Joyeux Noel'!

    1. Thanks Natalia! Merry Christmas to you as well!
      It's so cool you daughters asks for yellow shakes! I think colourful foods are a must for kids, they're so keen on eating the rainbow ;)

  4. Two of my favorite food groups in this smoothie: mango and turmeric! xo



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