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Today's post is a little different. I'll share with you a few of my current favourite recipes. I love making recipes from other bloggers (but certainly cannot test all my inspiration list...!) so I thought I'd share with you those that have become staples :

Margarine (above) from Lili's (Vegan) Kitchen. Life changing! I make mine with half hemp oil, half olive oil and omit the gum. It's so airy and creamy. You can make it with deodorised coconut oil if the taste bothers you. I quite like it that way. I am never buying margarine again!

Sweet potato balls from the I Quit Sugar website. Pretty amazing stuff. I've made them without rice syrup, added a few spices (cardamom and cinnamon) and topped them with sesame and hemp seeds.

Life changing avocado bread buns by the lovely Chris from Tales of a Kitchen. They do have literally changed my life. I always make sure I have some in the freezer. Plus they're versatile. I omit the sweetener, usually make them with quinoa or buckwheat flour but have had success with hemp protein powder (and with the almond flour, they become protein bombs!), hemp flour, chestnut flour and tapioca flour as well. 
(The one picture is a mini version topped with mashed avo and lots of chili)

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