Chocolate Shake

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"At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am myself living in every tree, in the splashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of the seasons."
C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. 

I am flesh and bone, and universe dust. I am whole and I'm empty spaces waiting to be filled with roses de Mai, blossoming. With thorns, for I am imperfection. I am complete. I walk the path.

Walk your path, no one can and no one will.

This chocolate shake is what I make when I strongly need a chocolate fix. It's dark-issimo and bitter yet filled with powerful ingredients : raw cacao, avo, hemp and maca. If you want something sweeter, add a few dates or any sweetener you like.
Use more or less milk (20 to 25 cl) according to your own preference of texture.

Chocolate Shake
(vegan, grain-free, raw)
(for 2)

1 banana
1/2 avocado
6-8 ice cubes
15 g hemp hearts
10 g raw cacao powder
20-25 cl almond milk
2 pinches Himalayan salt
1 teaspoon maca powder
cacao nibs, to garnish

Place all ingredients, except cacao nibs in a blender and whiz until smooth. Top with cacao nibs.

Frappé au chocolat
(végétalien, sans céréales, cru)
(pour 2)

1 banane
1/2 avocat
6-8 glaçons
15 g graines de chanvres décortiquées
10 g de cacao cru
20-25 cl lait d'amande
2 grosses pincées de sel de l’Himalaya
du maca en poudre ( 1 teaspoon)
éclats de cacao

Mettre tous les ingredients sauf les éclats de cacao dans un blender et mixer. Garnir avec les éclats de cacao.

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