Raw red currant jam

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I liked the idea that Caitlin made a list of her least favourite things and I've wanted to do the same. I must admit that it was harder to compose than I had imagined.

My least favourite things (fragments) :

Math, numbers and dates
Coffee-flavoured desserts
Crime fiction
High humidity
Near Eastern archaeology
Bright red clothes
Carpets, especially bath rugs
Fake flowers and plants

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Red currant jam
(vegan, grain-free, raw)

500 g red currants
35 g ground chia seeds

You can add powdered raw sugar as red currants are quite tart. Personally I don't mind. To make powdered raw sugar, simply process raw sugar in a food processor until very fine. Adjust chia seeds accordingly.
Purée the red currants using a potato ricer over a bowl. Discard solids and keep 290 g red currant purée. Mix in ground chia seeds and let set to form a gel. Add a little more ground chia seeds if you desire a thicker texture. And voilà!

Confiture crue à la groseille
(végétalien, sans céréales, cru)

500 g groseilles
35 g graines de chia moulues

Vous pouvez ajouter du sucre glace cru car les groseilles sont assez acides. J'aime bien comme ça. Pour faire du sucre glace cru, mixer du sucre cru dans un robot jusqu'à obtenir une poudre très fine. Il faudra ajuster la quantité de chia en conséquence.

Passer les groseilles au presse-purée pour obtenir un coulis (il restera quelques graines, pas de problème!). Jeter le reste (ou donner aux poules des voisins ou les vôtres). Ajouter les graines de chia moulues et mélanger. Ajuster la quantité de chia selon la texture désirée et voilà!

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  1. first of all, this jam looks absolutely stunning, delicious, i love the photos, and that there's no added sugar. secondly, i love your least favorite things list! i agree with you on so many, but especially:

    coffee-flavored desserts
    crime fiction
    fake flowers and plants

    thank you so much for sharing, love. you totally made my day ;)



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